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Plans versus Full Perms


This is always a dilemma - should I look for a plan (more coverage, maybe with a less than 100% guarantee   if you catch 8 score draws) or go for a full cover perm - (100% guarantee of 8 in a line if 8 score draws caught, but expensive)? Most experts would suggest the plan is the best approach. I have used both. Currently I'm working with my favourite plan but recently had cause to miss out because of this, when I might have gone for a full cover 8 from 17 perm. The win would not have been big bucks, bit it's always nice to win anyway!


The results which illustrate this dilemma are here.

You can see that an 8 from 17 full perm (24,310 lines) would have caught us a first dividend (we would have selected the first 17 from the first 'd' in accordance with the rules described in my book).

So, you pays your money and you takes your choice...

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