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How to Win the Football Pools

Favourite Plans and Perms - 3,675 lines

I regularly use my favourite 24 selection plan - 19,440 lines (see favourite plan). However, it does have a drawback - if the forecast score draws are biased to one end of the coupon then it does not work well. So, how do we get round this?

Well, there  is a great little plan that handles this, though only for 21 selections. I sometimes add it to my usual plan, but you can use it on its own if you think that there is a possible bias on the coupon for your selections.

The instructions are:

Perm any 2 groups from 3 groups of 7 selections, and any 4 from 7 selections within each group.
= 3 x 35 x 35 = 3,675 lines.

This is relatively inexpensive and provides extra cover if using another plan, and as I said it can be used on its own if you are looking for a low cost option and think that there is bias on the forecasts.

You can enter instructions on line at BrittensPools ( they offer low cost entry options (1/10p per line).





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