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Favourite Plans and Perms - 51,000 lines

Maybe you've already got a favourite plan that suits your budget and the coverage/guarantee that you need.

Bigger Plans


If like me a few weeks ago you got the 8 draws I predicted and couldn’t get them in a winning line, then there is a bigger plan that you can use than the 24 selection 6 groups of 4 plan (19,440 lines) which I have covered elsewhere on this site.


This bigger plan here covers more than 50,000 lines and is ideal for syndicates. Nevertheless, it does come out at more than £50 on Brittens at 1/10p per line.


We still work with 24 selections but now as 4 groups of 6, with 2 from 6 matches in each group.


The details are:


24 selections, 4 groups of 6 selections. Perm any 2 selections from 6 in each group = 15x15x15x15 = 50,625 lines.


If you are going for this, then I suggest adding in an extra entry for a bit more flexibility and little extra cost:


Perm any 2 groups from 4 and any 4 selections from 6 in each group = 6x15x15 = 1,350 lines.


Total is 51,975 lines


Anyway, I hope you find that interesting and profitable.

If you don't have a team-form rating system of your own, then you can always use mine (see home page or special offer page); alternatively, there is a rating system available at You do have to subscribe, but there is a free three week trial offer. See the ad on the side panel. Good forums, chat and advice - a very friendly forum.

You may have noticed that I do not use 'bankers'- that is, selections which are used to reduce the number of lines effectively by including the specific banker selections in all permutations. This is because using bankers means that you are betting that the odds of a draw are more favourable for those banker selections than for the other selections. If you are convinced that using bankers is a good approach then you may be better off working with fixed odds betting on those bankers.

Good luck!

Interested in bigger plans? Well watch this site - I'll be going up to 100,000 lines and beyond. Click the feed button and you'll be informed automatically.





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