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How to Win the Football Pools -

Favourite Plans and Perms - 45,000 lines

Maybe you've already got a favourite plan that suits your budget and the coverage/guarantee that you need.

This one covers 28 selections - that is more than half the coupon. What does this do for the odds?

Well, you are covering 28 matches out of 49 on the coupon - that's 51.7% of the coupon. So, if you can give yourself a little edge with form analysis and persist with my system, then you have a fair chance of some good coupon points totals.

If there are only 8 score draws in the weekend's results, the odds are 450 million to one on a random basis with a 1 line entry. Covering 45,000 lines reduces the odds to 10,000 to one on a random basis. If there are say 12 or 13 score draws then the random odds are 10,000 to 1 divided by 1,287 (the number of different 8 match combinations in 13 draws), giving odds of about 8 to 1 (random). If you are working a form system, as I do, then we can get the odds much lower than 8 to 1. So, you can see how it is possible to win.

Organise your 28 selections into 7 groups of 4 selections. I usually run them in sequence, but you don't have to do it that way.

This is an easy plan to do online with Brittens because you can enter the written instructions online:

Perm any 4 of the 7 groups of 4 selections, and any 2 selections from 4 within each group

= 35x6x6x6x6= 45,360 lines @ 1/10p = £45.36.

Group 1 coupon numbers 4,8,11,12

Group 2 coupon numbers 15,17,21,24

and so on for all your 7 groups. Remember to tick the 'Otherplan' box before you put your crosses in, or you'll have to start again!

As you see, I usually list the selections and groups, to avoid any doubt - you will have to do this if you are grouping your selections out of their sequence on the coupon. It would be tragic to find that they didn't pay out because the instructions were vague!

Anyway, I hope you find that interesting and profitable.

If you don't have a team-form rating system of your own, then you can always use mine (see home page or special offer page); alternatively, there is a rating system available on Soccerlotto. You do have to subscribe, but there is a free three week trial offer. See the ad on the right hand side of this page.

Good luck!




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