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Nap Betting

Here's a question I received from a reader:


Your plans seems very interesting, but however, they don't work over here in Nigeria. What we play most is the nap, which is the playing of three banker draws and the three must draw to guarantee a win, be it goaless or score draws.

Can your system do this?




My system is a way of assessing the probability of results in the matches on a football pools coupon. The probabilities are sorted, from Away win at one end of the list to Home win at the other end.

Because of this, my system can definitely be used for 3 bankers, no problem.

The three bankers would be the three draws in the middle of the list of most likely draws, the others would be next in line in the list in order of probability.

I don't know how you place your bets, but I would suggest that you look at 3 from 8 or maybe 3 from ten. See Here

Whichever system you use, you have to end up with a set of the most likely draws. The footballpoolswizardsystem gives you these probabilities, relative to other matches on the coupon.

You can see a typical list ofprobabilities here on the how-does-it-work page

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