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No, it’s not about playing football with predictions. I used the term predictions football because that’s what people want, the term you probably searched for. I’ll keep on using too, so more people find this article. So, how can you get predictions?

There are plenty of sources – bookies odds, tipping sites and so on, but most of these are geared towards making money out of you. Ok, I’d like to make some money too – maybe you’ll buy my book and learn how to produce your own predictions football. Why bother? It’s simple – you know how you have produced them. When you buy predictions elsewhere, then you don’t know what’s behind them.


Bookies odds only reflect what is being laid by punters – the bookies adjust the odds to protect their profit, and not to give you the best judgement of what the football predictions are, based on form and so on. The only time you can use a bookie’s odds are when they first open the book on a given match. But even then, they check to see what the other bookies are offering. See the problem with bookies' predictions football?

Football Pundits

Newspaper columnists are a good source, but you’ve got to use them for a long time before you can trust the one you fancy. Then again, you could come up with an average of what the columnists are tipping. The trouble with averages is that it’s just that – an average, like a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey!

If you want reliable predictions football, then you have to work with statistics, and there are plenty of websites which offer those. But where do they get their predictions from?

Football Betting Strategy

In my view, you have to start with a strategy – there’s more on this football pools site about that. Then, you have to use a system and refine it, checking each week to make it better. Which I what I did when I developed my winning football pools system. You also have to know when to bet – predictions football is all about avoiding the bad betting days when you expect the form book to be upset. New Year’s Day games are a typical example. Then, you have to persevere and take it seriously if you want to win serious money.

So, finally, here are the predictions football ‘must do’s’, whether you are staking games or doing the football pools seriously:


- Use a strategy
- Work on the stats – the numbers
- Bet at the right time
- Ignore your gut feelings
- Persevere.

 predictions football

Alternatively, you can just carry on wasting money with pointless predictions football. Sorry, I just had to use that phrase again!





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