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Favourite Plans and Perms - 19,000 lines

Maybe you've already got a favourite plan that suits your budget and the coverage/guarantee that you need.

My preferred approach using my system is to go for a full 8 from 16 (or more) perm. Depending on budget, I might cast my net a bit wider and use a 24 match plan.

How does the plan work?

Quite simple really. Once you have your 24 draw selections, then you divide them into 6 groups of four matches. The plan selects any 4 groups of the six (there are 15 ways that this can be done). Then, it perms any 2 selections from 4 in each group. There are six ways of doing this in each group.

So, the total number of lines is 15 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 19,440 lines.

On Brittens Pools, at 1/10p, this costs £19.44.

Whilst offering a lot of cover - almost 20,000 lines - the guarantee is not wonderful because there are six groups. However, it does give the possibility of a large number of second and third dividends on a weekend when there are plenty of draws, even if you can't get eight in one line. It has been very successful for me in the past.

Compare it with a four group plan covering 24 draw selections - that would come out at a huge 15 x 15 x 15 x 15 = 50,525 lines, and still no cast-iron guarantee.

What does this do for the odds?

Well, you are covering 24 matches out of 49 on the coupon - that's 48.9% of the coupon. So, if you can give yourself a little edge with form analysis and persist with your system, then you have a fair chance of some good coupon points totals.

This is an easy plan to do online with Brittens because you can enter the written instructions on line:

Perm any 4 of the six groups of 4 selections, and any 2 selections from 4 within each group
= 15x6x6x6x6=19,440 lines @ 1/10p = £19.44.

Group 1 coupon numbers 4,8,11,12

and so on for all your six groups. Remember to tick the 'Otherplan' box before you put your crosses in, or you'll have to start again!

As you see, I usually list the selections and groups, to avoid any doubt. It would be tragic to find that they didn't pay out because the instructions were vague!

Anyway, I hope you find that interesting and profitable.

If you don't have a team-form rating system of your own, then you can always use mine (see home page or special offer page); alternatively, there is a rating system available on Soccerlotto. You do have to subscribe, but there is a free three week trial offer. See the ad on the side.

Here's a video of placing an entry of this plan online at Brittens Pools

If you need a larger image, then click here: Larger Window (Screencast)



Good luck!




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