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Fixed Odds Football Betting 3 from 8 System

This is basically a set of bets based on a selection of 8 draws. You then place treble bets using the 8 draw predictions as your set - this gives 56 separate treble bets.

You can reduce the number of bets if you use 'bankers' - that is matches which you think have a very much higher probability of a draw result than the others in your set of 8.

So, if you have 1 banker, then you use that in combination with any 2 of the 7 other draws in your set of 8 - this gives you 21 bets. BUT, a win does depend on that banker's result.

You can use the football pools wizard system to help you select the 8 predictions.

Those of you who have bought my book will know how to prepare a list of matches sorted in order of draw probability.

Have fun!


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