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Colossus provide an amazing range of pools options for both the serious and casual football pools fan:

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You could become a multi-millionaire today, betting with Colossus Bets.

With a guaranteed day 1 minimum prize fund of £10,000,000, “The Colossus”, an easy to play correct score Pick 7, is the world’s biggest bet!


Your live ticket can be cashed-in at half-time and as matches in a pool complete.

You can even cash-in a live ticket in fractions, taking some profit whilst retaining an interest in part of the Jackpot with the remainder of your ticket.


After all matches in a pool are completed, the prize fund is paid to holders of the winning combinations.

The headline pools also have a consolation fund which is available for players who pick the correct home/draw/away outcome in each match but not the correct score.

In my eBook I show you how to select the most likely Home/Draw/Away matches, with the probability on each match.

The cash-in option during matches offers a way of considerably improving your returns.

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